Louisiana Honorary Lifetime Members

Members may be recommended by the membership and shall be accepted upon approval of the State Chair, State Adviser, and State Committee members. They shall be persons making significant contributions to the field of business and office education and/or growth and development of Louisiana FBLA. Lifetime members shall not vote or hold office and shall not be required to pay dues. Any member of Louisiana FBLA who has been elected National FBLA President shall automatically become a Lifetime Member at the end of his term as National FBLA President.

Arthur Bagwell (deceased)
Mary Baker
Abby Bergeron
Sunny Bergeron
Helen Brewton
Connie G. Buck
Sidney deLeon
Andrew Ducote
Trever Eymard
Frances Clanton Farlow (deceased)
Johnny Fontenot
Craig Henry
Eunice Kennedy (deceased)
Jeron LaFargue
Julie Landry
Debbie Lyles (deceased)
June McClure
Huland D. Miley, Jr. (deceased)
Azzie Olds
Jeanie Pontiff
Jesse Prudhomme (deceased)
Lloyd Strickland (deceased)
James Winford